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by Nathan Rollinson

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A change of season always makes me want to do a refresh with everything – in the home, what I’m wearing and especially the beauty products that I use. I like to keep thing simple when it comes to beauty, but as I’m sure we can all appreciate, my basic skincare routine probably takes more time and patience than my makeup routine as I only apply concealer, mascara and a touch of bronzer to brighten up my skin a bit.


But there’s something about winter that makes me want to explore a little more, especially with fragrance and beauty. I think it’s because of the woody, spicy winter scents and the seasonal colours inviting darker shades of make-up, in warm neutral hues and deeper shades of plum and navy. I am writing this article to showcase which kind of fragrances and make up to go for and I have curated and written down a few things worth trying out. So let’s get started.







Chanel Beauty


Coco Chanel had a singular vision of beauty. “If you’re sad, if you are disappointed in love, put on your makeup, give yourself some beauty care, put on lipstick, and attack,” she once offered. Thus, it’s no fluke that many of the cosmetic offerings Chanel pioneered in the 1920s are as enduring as her iconic crisp tweeds and sumptuous quilted 2.55 bag. Here are three of her time-tested beauty innovations that helped shape the beauty industry as we know it today.




Whenever there is a fabulous soiree on the way, your makeup will be all about sparkling eyeshadow, rouge lipsticks plus, perhaps, the iconic Chanel N°5 perfume? And, for the first time in the fashion house’s history, this legendary fragrance has been redesigned in red, a limited-edition bottle which is available to buy.



Known for its clean rectangular clear glass bottle with a faceted stopper and minimalist branding, the look of Chanel N°5 is as distinctive as its scent. Now, it comes cloaked in red, marking the brand’s first ever change to its iconic packaging. Why? Besides pleasing collectors and fragrance fans, red holds special meaning for the house of Chanel. It’s “the colour of life, the colour of blood,” said the late Gabrielle Chanel, who only wanted to dress women in black, white, beige, gold – and red. So, be brave and add some sparkle and bold to your own personal collection.







Guerlain and Givenchy 


This is the tale of a real family business: five generations of Guerlains have led the company over the years. The brand dates back to 1828 when it started life as a small perfume business in Paris under Pierre-François Pascal Guerlain. Guerlain was a master perfumer, creating fragrances for the rich and famous – Napoléon III and Queen Victoria to name but two.From perfumery to skin care, Guerlain has changed over the centuries to become somewhat iconic.






Whereas, Givenchy introduces its new fragrance ‘L’Interdit‘. A tribute to bold femininity. Forbid yourself nothing. Allow no rules. An invitation to defy convention and embrace your singularity. A white floral cut through with dark notes unleashing a bold luminosity that flirts with obscurity. The shocking side of chic. The first resolutely underground flower, to discover the thrill of the forbidden.



Guerlain also focuses on intense skincare for all different skin types. I’ve always used their Abeille Royale Age—Defying care. Bee products are some of the world’s most effective natural healing substances. Guerlain Research has been working continuously with honey and royal jelly to create Abeille Royale: a skincare programme that scientifically proves their exceptional capacity to minimize the visible signs of ageing on the skin. They also offer a full range of beauty products to compliment your beauty regime, with a fabulous choice of lipsticks and a complete makeup collection to choose from, so you will certainly be spoilt for choice!









Jo Malone London


I have been a long-time favourite of Jo Malone London and they never cease to amaze me every time they have something new coming in to store – this time Jo Malone has released their recent scent, Honeysuckle & Davana Cologne.








The wildness of honeysuckle, winding through the English countryside. Climbing. Twisting. Ever more alluring after dark. Fresh with rose and the aromatic, fruity twist of davana. Woody with moss. Warmed by sunshine for those who miss the summertime dearly. A perfect gift for those who love a refreshing scent throughout the day.











Dior Backstage is a line that draws its inspiration from their work backstage. It includes all of the essentials in neutral shades with professional, adjustable formulas, allowing you to work with every skin tone.









Peter Philips, creative and image director for Dior makeup, created a stunning look with those new makeup essentials during the latest Dior Cruise Show. The Dior Face and Body Foundation comes in 40 shades with a neutral finish custom-built foundation. They are all waterproof and sweat resistant and last all day long – perfect for a long party session ahead.








Since last year, I have been using their Clarin Double Serum, which is truly fantastic all year round, but lately, Clarin have been telling us about their new Skin Illusion. Discover the secret to a naturally flawless complexion with Skin Illusion.










This natural hydrating foundation gives immediate freshness and a beautiful glow without masking your skin’s natural beauty. Formulated with red jania extract and Light Optimising Complex to instantly revive radiance. Just a few drops are enough to instantly enhance the complexion, while a subtle dose of non-greasy oils creates a completely new feel and it comes in 22 shades. To create a smooth complexion, it’s best to use with the foundation brush. This flat and rounded cat’s tongue foundation brush is made of incomparably soft and cruelty-free synthetic bristles. It allows you to rapidly apply, blend and layer liquid, cream or powder foundation, as well as a concealer for a smooth and luminous complexion without overloading the skin.






A new chapter in Hermès’ story of man’s relationship with materials and elements, Terre d’Hermes Eau Intense Vetiverreveals a whole new facet added by composer Christine Nagel. The addition of heady vetiver allows the initial mineral and woody base to become woody and vegetal – reminiscent of growing, leafy botanicals which add a refreshing, earthy element to the composition.


Kings Grooming

Kings Grooming has released a striking scent, made with all natural essential oils: patchouli, cardamon, vetivert, copaiba, ylang-ylang and eucalyptus to create an earthy composition. The name of the scent is Evolution which is a standout fragrance for the man with the confidence to grow, adapt and thrive. This exclusive brand creates a scent which also contributes funds towards men’s mental health projects and they are committed to raising awareness and driving the conversation forward on mental health. Their positive impact won’t stop there. Kings will also encourage men to challenge the unhealthy, unrealistic ideas that society holds about masculinity; ideas that often contribute to men’s anxiety and low mood. Such a great cause to support the community and reinvested to this brand knowledge.


Frederic Malle 

Music for A while is the name of the scent and has its own story, “Allure irresistible. At a party on Paris’ rive gauche, a woman’s fur coat is lifted from her bare shoulders, exposing her neck to the candlelight. Aware of many eyes upon her, she pauses, smiling to herself, before emerging like a conqueror from the shadows. A sensuous body of lavender is warmed by patchouli, amber and vanilla, and transformed by notes of pineapple and mandarin. The music is in the detail.” This perfume created and visionary by Carlos Benaïm who is a Moroccan perfumer. Something ‘extra’ for the New Year.


Hugo Boss 

The BOSS represents a man who is primed to succeed – competitive, driven and ambitious. His daily preparation rituals are integral to his personal quest for success and BOSS Bottled has become an established part of his daily armour. Discover the BOSS Bottled fragrance campaign. Recently, Chris Hemsworth is the face of the Man of Today, representing the qualities of honesty and integrity that the fragrance stands for. Balancing with a fresh and fruity top note, the warm, spicy-floral heart is dominated by geraniums and seasoned with just a dab of clove. The base note is decidedly male, a vibrating harmony of sandalwood, cedar and vetiver. Add this generously sized bottle to your cabinet for a captivating, enduring scent.


Jo Loves

Presented in its simple yet chic perfume bottle, with a luxury red ribbon on the package, Jo’s first fragrance is now her brand’s signature scent. Pomelo is a fresh grapefruit fragrance with layers of wood. Malone has gone on to feed her customers with a never-ending array of fragrances and candles. In 2017, she introduced her new innovative fragrance, ‘Paintbrushes’ in four different stunning scents that you, quite literally, paint onto your skin. Meanwhile, their Mandrine is an effortlessly bottling of the scent of sunshine, a beautiful blend of Bitter Orange, Bergamot Oil, Lemon Leaf and Petitgrain peppered with aromatic thyme and crushed spices. A perfect gift for those into fresh yet orangery scents.


You guys are going to look utterly fabulous and I wish you all a wonderful year ahead.


Photos by Victoria Metaxas 

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