The Creative Spot with Fidenza Village

by Nathan Rollinson

What an exciting moment, receiving an email from the PR, asking me if I can make it to one of Bicester Village’s sister stores near Milan so, of course, I  immediately say “YES!” and, within minutes, I am all packed and ready to dash off to the airport – luckily only a short distance away.

And it gets even better when I find out that another fabulous fashionista influence, Emily Johnston of Fashion Foie Gras, will also be making this trip accompanied by Bicester Village PR. We are all heading off to one of the Villages by Value Retail, Italy’s leading luxury outlet shopping experience and located just 60 minutes from both Milan and Bologna. Be ready for a fun day packed with shopping, food and celebrating the launch of The Creative Spot Fashion: a pop-up boutique that will be around until January.



Fidenza Village offers collections of some of the most promising emerging Italian and international fashion designers, enhanced by the Village’s magical Christmas atmosphere. The Creative Spot Fashion once again gives its guests the opportunity to discover and purchase clothes and accessories that show off the perfect blend of Italian style and international creativity, while revealing the designers’ attention to detail and passion for tailoring – all just in time for the festive season. With the second edition of The Creative Spot Fashion at Fidenza Village, Value Retail confirms its commitment to supporting the talent and creativity of emerging designers.



The 2017 edition of The Creative Spot Fashion is enriched by a new twist: among the designers who are showcasing their collections, there are the five finalists of The CNMI Green Carpet Talent Competition, part of Green Carpet Fashion Awards Italia 2017. Designs by the winner, Tiziano Guardini, and finalists Calcaterra, Co | Te, Leo Studio Design and Matea Benedetti, will be available in the boutique. Their participation in The Creative Spot Fashion represents the first step in the Value Retail Mentorship Programme, a 12-month international vocational training experience in which the five finalists in the CNMI Green Carpet Talent Competition will be supported by retail, marketing and tourism experts from Europe to China, to help develop both their creative talent and their business potential. It is also hosted by the wonderful Livia Firth, a Founder and Creative Director of Eco Age mentioned,

I couldn’t have asked for a better partner for the Green Carpet Fashion Awards, Italia to mentor the finalists of the CNMI Green Carpet Talent Competition. To see the pop-up shop open today is certainly a dream come true for all of us” 



Guests in the Village can admire the collections of future leaders in Italian and international fashion, as well as the latest trends: from the ready-to-wear of Vivetta and Arthur Arbesser, the precious and timeless shoes of Coliac and Bams, to the bags and geometrical and bohemian accessories by Avanblanc and Salar, and CA & LOU‘s jewels, loved by celebrities around the world, including Freida Pinto and Jessica Stam. Also, a perfect opportunity for you to come and visit The Creative Spot, where you can easily finish your Christmas shopping in one day.



Fidenza Village offers many boutiques where you can find the world’s finest luxury fashion and homeware all in one place, with a unique selection of Italian and international brands. Missoni, Class Roberto Cavalli and Vivienne Westwood are just a few of the brands to be found here. You will also find restaurants where you can put your feet up in style, plus a luxury coach service from Milan.



But don’t let me forget to mention that there is another “The Creative Spot” held at La Rozas Village in Madrid, which opens to concept boutiques of 17 artisans representing the spirit of Spain’s new luxury craftsmanship, Fashion (Accessories and Jewellery), Perfume and Cosmetics, and Decoration.

We’ve done the “shop till we drop” so now it’s your turn. Happy Shopping at Fidenza Village and La Rozas Village.

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