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Introducing the new The Hermès Hermessence Collection.


This collection is emblematic of the signature of a house of creative freedom and of unique poetry for both women and men, collaborating with Ten Trinity Square Private Club, one of the leading members’ clubs located in historic Tower Hill, London. I chose Ten Trinity Square because it exudes an exciting mix of elegance and luxury, the perfect venue for the Hermès photo shoot in the newly renovated private club, adding that unmistakable luxurious extra.



The fashion house of Hermès is a French high fashion luxury goods manufacturer established in 1837. It specialises in leather, lifestyle accessories, home furnishings, perfumery, jewellery, watches and ready-to-wear. Its logo, since the 1950s, is of a Duc carriage and horse. It has done it again with this fantastic luxury fragrance collection – perfumes for every-day. Each of its five fragrances is unique, with an unparalleled  blend of robust, unisex scent with combinations of defining elements.


The creative freedom of the house of Hermès is matched by its know-how and that of its métiers. The Hermessence collection is welcoming five new olfactory compositions, two essences de parfum and three eaux de toilette – five creations including a new gestural experience by Christine Nagel: in the meanderings of the imagination, soul and matter become fragrance.



Five, the number of harmony and balance, leading us to rediscover the age-old grace of an oriental dream, the trace of a story cherished by Hermès and its perfumier. Source materials, ancient and rare musk, myrrh, agar wood and cedar, gain full expression through contact with contemporary notes, like watercolour brushstrokes in a travel journal. The memory of the silk roads and the eternal elsewhere is reborn, carnal, original and familiar. The immemorial rewrites sacred rituals. Here they are liberated, free to be worn alone or in combination, in a caravanserai of emotions and sensations.



Over this post, you will feel the influence of each fragrance from the collection, and what they truly define. Each fragrance is packed with prominent scent from the harmony and freedom. Each of the handsome glass bottles comes with an individual leather cap reflecting the elegance and artisan from the Hermès boutique, a clear curve shaped with Hermès leather and packaged in a signature orange box.








Cedre Sambac Eau de Toilette

The strength of cedar surrounded by supple climbing jasmine. Raw, voluptuous.

“Upon this age-old tree, strong and graceful, I wanted to grow an embracing jasmine that coils around it”

 Perfect for day wear













Agar Ebene Eau de toilette

The enveloping sensuality of two woody notes. A carnal agar wood softened by the sweetness of fir balsam. Profound, mysterious.


“To the scent of agar wood, which carries a warm and mysterious vibration at its heart, I wanted to bring another wood, fir balsam, with its balmy and enveloping notes.

Perfect for evening wear












Myrrhe Eglantine Eau de toilette

An intimate meeting of precious myrrh and wild rosehip. Delicate, tangy.

“This legendary material evokes the world of desert caravans and the former perfumer routes. A myrrh, then more precious than gold, reinvented and reworked around reship, a wild fresh and tangy rose that never surrenders”

Perfect for a must-have when you jet off to somewhere exotic. Can be used as day wear during the warm season.












Musc Pallida Essence de Parfum

A pure perfume oil, a texture that highlights iris in the most captivating of duos, dancing on the skin. The warm embrace of musks and powdery iris in alchemy. Warm, carnal. An essence to wear alone, or under a Hermessence to intensify and personalise its sillage.

“A promise of sensuality. The desire to forge a liquid gold that recalls the richness of the unguents of yesteryear. A gentle alchemy of iris and musks.”

Perfect for daily use, spraying first thing will last you the majority of the day, with a little refresh in the evening, if needed.














Cardamusc Essence de Parfum

A pure perfume oil, a texture that highlights cardamom in the most captivating of duos, dancing on the skin. Spicy cardamom reveals its sensuality through contact with comforting musks. Assertive, unexpected.

“A true olfactory manifesto. A proposition shaped around cardamom, a cool and cascading spice that transforms and reveals all its sensuality through contact with the warm and enveloping note of musks”

Perfect for evening wear.









The Hermès Hermessence Collection – each fragrance has a retail price of £180 each (100ml) and retails exclusively at Hermès. Let the experts at Hermès help you to pick your Hermessence or, even better, get the whole collection!


Photos by Victoria Metaxas

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