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An unfamiliar fragrance has come to town, a scent smouldering with Oudh and precious materials to arouse the senses. A perfume as unique as its creator, Strangelove NYC, born from a collaboration between American businesswoman Elizabeth Gaynes, Danish fashion model and photographer Helena Christensen and French master perfumier Christophe Laudemel, who together have created some iconic perfume brands in the past.



I’ve been invited to the world’s prestige department store, Harrods, for the StrangeLove NYC press launch.  The dreamily named fragrances – “deadofnight”, “meltmyheart”, “silencethesea” and “lostinflower” – now join the ranks of some of the most coveted, rare and exquisite brands you have been waiting for.



Over this post, you will feel the influence of each fragrance from the collection, and what they truly define. Each fragrance is packed with prominent scent from the best quality raw materials such as Oudh. The products come in black, blush pink, pale blue or white lacquered boxes, with minimal gold lettering on the outside. Bottle caps are coated in 24-carat gold and designed using the Fibonacci sequence. In the next round of packaging, the velvet pieces holding the fragrance in place inside the box will be easily removable so the box can be kept and reused. That will give you an extra touch of luxury.







Dead Of Night 

“there’s always a deep breath before a plunge into the deadofnight”

deadofnight empowers its devotées to take risks and dive into their desires. It is imbued with the seductive power of oudh, a precious aromatic wood resin. Coveted, rare, and requiring careful precision to source sustainably—oudh has been prized for centuries for its deeply complex scent and aphrodisiac effect.











This compelling fragrance is balanced with the serenity of Damask Rose, natural violet leaves, vanilla balsam, and the nuanced warmth of sandalwood, amber and musk. The result is an addictive potion with a lingering sensuality. 

The first fragrance created by Strangelove, deadofnight is adored, sparking intrigue amongst all who experience it.”








Lost in Flower

“You found me…lostinflowers” 

lostinflowers evokes the thrill of new love, capturing that electric moment of discovery when two destined wanderers finally collide: lost in time, lost in romance, lost in flowers. This compelling scent is ethereal and profound, filled with the intoxicating joy of pure floral essences. 










An innocent yet seductive blend, lostinflowers combines the gentle purity of jasmine, the euphoria of champaca, the aphrodisiac power of gardenia enfleurage, the striking richness of saffron and the deep magnetism of rare oudh. 

lostinflowers awakens the free-spirited passion that lives within us all.”









Melt My Heart

“surrender your love…meltmyheart”

meltmyheart inspires romance and indulgence for devoted lovers. This sumptuous oriental contains pure orris butter, a sought-after delicacy in perfumery for which there is no substitute. Like the warmth of true love, orris butter is irreplaceable. 









Our sensual blend is deepened by the sultriness of beloved oudh and sandalwood; soothing ylang ylang combines with a hint of refreshing absinthe and French sage to boost spirits. With their irresistible influence, purified ginger, stimulating mandarin, and luscious dark chocolate complete this enthralling creation. 

Tender and poetic, meltmyheart embodies an eternal bond between soulmates.”









Silence The Sea

 “our bond will…silencethesea”

silencethesea captures the intimacy of the lover’s gaze: soundless, eternal, profound.










The pure ambergris in silencethesea is the foundation for an arousing, animalic fragrance distilled from marine mysteries and subterranean depths. This provocative formula achieves its leathery edge by incorporating black oudh and frankincense; gentle notes of natural narcissus, tuberose absolute and a salty splash of jasmine place silencethesea in a class by itself. White truffle and purifying angelica further invigorate this daring fragrance.

Wearing silencethesea is a modern olfactory adventure like none other, provoking a deeply primal, hypnotic effect.”





Launched exclusively at Harrods within the store’s newly extended Salon de Parfums on the 6th floor, the fragrance will be available both as a pure perfume oil and a highly concentrated eau de parfum. Also, they have just launched StrangeLove collection in a small niche fragrance store in Abu Dhabi, Limited Gallery. All fragrances will be available as a 50ml and 100ml eau de parfum and a 10 ml precision roll-on pure perfume oil. Apply on pulse points to delight the senses and invite possibility. Also, a perfect way to dash an extra touch of perfume is by wearing with a 1.25 ml pure perfume oil necklace. You will want to feel a true StrangeLove throughout the day.


Photos by Robert Morgan 

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