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Have you been dreaming of having your own bespoke jewellery for some time? Well, you have just come to the right page. I have just recently discovered Simon Wright, a master artisan and personal jeweller through a personal recommendation.



Simon has over 20 years of experience in fine jewellery and craftsmanship with an eye for detail, hard work ethics, honesty and a love for craftsmanship, all of which set him above many of his contemporaries in the luxury jewellery trade. Simon first discovered jewellery and metalsmithing at Monash University Melbourne when looking to study Fine Art. Under the expert guidance of celebrated Australian jewellers and artists such as Mark Edgoose, Rhys James and Miyuki Nakahara,  Simon’s appreciation for jewellery as an art form blossomed, whilst also instilling in him the fundamentals of design.



An apprenticeship in jewellery making soon followed and over twenty years’ experience in the jewellery industry in both Australia and the UK has given him solid technical skills, along with the ability to relate to and understand his clients’ needs. Simon is a contributor to the annual Goldsmiths’ Craftsmanship & Design Awards and for the past few years, he has been on the panel of judges for the CAD/CAM design section.



I was first introduced to Simon at his workstation in Clerkenwell, London, where he explained to me how he created his jewellery using many different methods – absolutely fascinating! He was also more than able and willing to answer all my questions about the history of the jewellery, the carat, weight etc. to name but a few. I freely confessed that I knew nothing about the importance of carats, or even diamonds in general, but there is a type of elegance to declare that you have ‘no idea’ of the carat size of the diamond ring/necklace/earrings you might be wearing, although absolutely no one will believe you.



So how does the process work? The same process is applied in both traditional jewellery making techniques and 3D CADCAM technology, Simon is able to provide an informed and competent design consultation prior to making your bespoke engagement ring, wedding ring or jewellery for any occasion. Your appointment starts with a small tour of the workshop, allowing you to see where your custom jewellery will be made.


You will then be shown the 3D printers, Simon’s workspace and tools, and also be given a brief run-down of the manufacturing process. In preparation for your appointment, Simon will already have sourced a range of stones for you, selecting diamonds or gemstones that are of a quality and value appropriate to your needs, all depending on what you are looking for. The CAD model will allow you to see what your engagement or wedding ring will look like before committing the design to platinum or gold – you can even see a wax model before you decide if the design is right for you. The wax model is then cast in precious metal and the final piece is finished using traditional manufacturing skills and techniques and those all-important finishing touches.



Now, after my personal ‘jewellery in the making’ education, I’ve been asked by Simon what kind of jewellery I have in mind for myself. Choosing any such item makes a truly personal statement, whether it be a necklace, earrings or an engagement ring. There are often certain traditions around wearing your jewellery but, of course, you can always break with them if you wish. For example, one particular tradition is that, if you accept a proposal with a family engagement ring and loathe it, you may change the setting but not the stone. An expert jeweller like Simon will be able to transform such a ring into something that completely suits your style. In my case, I am well aware that the traditional design of a signet ring usually includes a family crest, and never initials, however, I have decided to move away from tradition and am looking more towards a futurist concept.



So, I’ve decided to go for a gold signet ring with the first initial of my surname – ‘R’ for Rollinson,  as I want something that’s part of me. For those who may not have come across the tradition of the signet ring before, it is often considered the “gentleman’s ring”, The signet ring has been around since the days of the Old Testament, when it was used as a personal signature or symbol of family heritage. Typically, it bore a family crest, or another symbol representing an individual, on its distinguishable flat bezel. After agreeing to go ahead, I now just have to be patient for a short time for my unique, bespoke jewellery to be completed.



After just a few weeks, my dream ring has arrived! It looks truly perfect, gleaming and polished, that I feel as if I daren’t even touch it, but I slip it onto my right little finger and it fits perfectly! I can’t begin to explain just how excited and impressed I am with its quality and craftsmanship. I think I will definitely be needing more of this bespoke jewellery in the future. Thank you, Simon, for the most exquisite signet ring I have ever seen.

Simon Wright signet rings start from £600 and engagement rings from £2500. Any other bespoke custom jewellery will vary according to customer requirements. For more information, check out the Simon Wright website on here.


Photos by Victoria Metaxas

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