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Hallelujah! Spring is here at last! Honestly, I do love autumn and winter, but my neck is screaming for some exposure where I have been forever muffled up in my turtleneck tops. My wool and cashmere jumpers are piling up with excessive dry-cleaning bills, so please let me say goodbye to my chunks of winter clothes for a while although, deep down, I know it won’t be for long because the rain can come back at any time and there is no time for hide and seek! Then it will be so long, once again, to cotton and linen – and I’d forgotten how unbelievably light it is.

It has been a while since I did a fashion post so, following on from a successful autumn menswear, I thought I would do another dedicated article for spring. Guys, dressing up for your own comfort or occasional wear is a fun thing to create your new look. I have three different looks which I can showcase for your upcoming spring months – something trendy, affordable and something to invest in your wardrobe. I’ve done a bit of research into what the spring and summer 2018 trends will be. So are you ready guys?


Mid-wash Denim Jeans

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Perhaps more than ever, jeans were trending at London Fashion Week Men. After the heavily distressed styles of the past few years, the dominant models this time were a loose fit in a seventies-style mid-wash blue. However, it wasn’t only on jeans – we also saw pleated trousers cut from lighter, more summer-friendly cotton chambray in this shade too – often with a pleat in the centre for extra thigh space. A perfect ensemble when paired with a shirt, sweater or a striped t-shirt with a loose blazer and maybe a light scarf to wear in the milder weather. Perfect for your casual morning and weekend look.



Roll Necks are rolling over to Autumn

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With the rise and rise of sport-style zip-ups over the past two seasons, we guys have been hiding our necks for some time now – and it looks as if we’ll continue to do so for at least another season, albeit in a far woollier fashion. Roll necks were prolific across the catwalks, knitted thick and often worn slightly oversized as a top layer in their own right. I know I have mentioned that I’m trying to get rid of the roll neck jumpers for a while but, with the weather being so unpredictable, it’s best to stay warm for a little longer. Great pairing with jeans, a suit or a trench coat like the picture below – I am instantly reminded of Inspector Clouseau of The Pink Panther, but hopefully a trendier one!



Floral for Spring – Ground-breaking

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Hawaiian or floral, abstract or figurative, printed shirts were stapled fare this season. Most were short-sleeved and loose full-length – partly as a nod to the trend Kim Jones pioneered at Louis Vuitton a couple of years ago, and partly because who the heck in their right mind opts to wear all-over skin-tight fabric in face-melting heat? The popularity of this type of shirt isn’t surprising – worn buttoned up with a pair of chinos, or open over a white T-shirt and perhaps a simple suit with an eye-catching shirt. A printed short-sleeved shirt is pretty much an instant outfit that’s eye-catching and mercifully low on effort. All of which means less time dressing, more time swanning around looking suave. Guys, you will want to enjoy the sunshine more and wear something more spree-free.


Photos by Victoria Metaxas

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