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Over time we can easily become overwhelmed with so many perfumes to choose from, especially ranging right back from the classics to the latest collections. I’ve been introduced to a wonderful team at “By Kilian” perfume store in Burlington Arcade, Mayfair to try a unique sensory experience. It sounds intriguing to me as its purely exclusive and it screams luxury. Shall we find out more?



Who is Kilian Hennessy? Before creating his own namesake business in 2007, Kilian trained with some of the most prestigious perfume houses in the world including Christian Dior and Alexander McQueen, to name but a few.  In the nine years since its launch, the world of Kilian has grown to include a total of 37 luxury scents across different fragrance collections; “L’Oeuvre Noire”; “Arabian Nights”; “Asian Tales”, “In the Garden of Good & Evil”; “Addictive State of Mind”; and a collection of unique blends inspired by liquors.

“Perfume should be a messenger that opens a thousand doors in the memory…”

– Kilian Hennessy

Kilian offers a wide-ranging collection, including perfumes for the home, such as candles, soaps, room sprays and much more to give your home your own personal touch and spritz your personal scent for yourself. I’ve been showcasing all of the collection, but there are a few scents to which I feel especially connected. I’ve chosen two different scents which are equally ideal for both day and night. Every individual scent can meet and match a particular occasion, whether it be a formal meeting or a weekend escape with your loved one. What’s amazing about these oil-based perfumes is that you can spritz in the morning and completely trust the fragrance to stay throughout the day – perhaps with just an extra top-up dash for post-work drinks or dinner, where you can carry a small travel size bottle with you everywhere. Kilian has found a way to produce an “eco-luxe” by providing refills for each of the bottles at a reduced price, so you can keep them for many years to come. This is especially important to me as I feel really guilty when it comes to empty bottles, which we all too often throw away with no thought for our environment.

Looking for something velvety, powdery and oud?

Pearl Oud

The pearl, a precious gemstone valued for its beauty and ancestral to the culture of Doha, is given an exquisitely modern interpretation. Like the ideal pearl, Pearl Oud is round and smooth–a cocktail of spicy saffron and black pepper glow with iridescent powdery iris at the opening. The pearl’s opulent nature is realised at the heart, with a lush bouquet of jasmine, Turkish rose and ylang ylang. Pearl Oud reveals a rare dry down, with an intense animalic blend of Indian oud, precious patchouli, and castoreum. Sounds delightful, right?



Perhaps something a bit more smoky and woodsy?

Vodka on the Rocks

Ice cracks beneath a stream of silky clear liquid, awakening deep curiosity for a taste of Comprised of cool spices like cardamom and coriander plus aldehydes at the opening, Vodka on the Rocks evokes the frozen steam rising from ice cubes in a clear crystal tumbler. Bitter rhubarb accord, a splash of clear rose and Lily of the Valley harmonize with an intoxicating leather undertone of sandalwood and oakmoss.Woodsy Animalic Harmony. Surely, it sounds like a perfect perfume cocktail.



The presentation of the fragrance is also exquisite – a fabulous ornamental display makes an immediate impact as we are greeted by the black lacquered wood coffret of the bottle and the key to unlock its precious contents. Kilian offers many more perfumes, including the Boutique exclusive range from London, New York, Paris, and Doha. Don’t wait a minute longer for the perfect opportunity to take your Kilian scent on your next trip and make it an exciting and worthwhile journey.


Photos by Victoria Mextaxas

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