A night with Givenchy Gentleman

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Every fragrance has its own story, which are like mini memories. There are some specific scents which, even now, take me back in time from my early teens to my twenties, when I would see my grandmother, sitting on her dressing table stool, spraying on one of her favourite perfumes and remind me of many other special moments in life, such as birthdays, Christmas and precious times with families and friends.

Recently, I was invited to share in celebrating the launch of the new “Givenchy Gentleman”. Givenchy has long been one of my favourite brands and this latest Givenchy aftershave reveals a new vision of masculine elegance.

Here, an appreciation of tradition, benevolence, and a taste for shared pleasure go hand in hand with daring enthusiasm and spontaneity. A balance between unquestioned strength and confident delicacy, “Givenchy Gentleman” offers audacious contrasts in a woody-floral fougère.

The perfume itself is constructed around a floral note, interpreted in deeply masculine shades and this offbeat Eau de Toilette reveals the freshness of a pear with bite, heated up by cardamom on a base of reassuring spiced lavender. Elegance with spice! Surprise, the powdery note of the iris, is now the messenger of manly tones. In contrast, the leather-patchouli accord brings in its wake a sensual, vibrant dimension, balanced out with black vanilla. Sensual, vibrant conclusions.

The bottle, heavy glass and highly graphic, takes on a modern allure in timeless codes. Belted in black, the name stands out in white. A self-assured classic is born.

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I’ve been wearing this aftershave over the past month and have been asked quite a few times what scent I was wearing. The result is a fresh, yet light, floral scent with musky wood, something quite mysterious but one which works perfectly.

Time to dash on just a little more of this excellent aftershave before heading down to the theatrical, art deco setting in the Beaufort Bar at The Savoy hotel. A glass of champagne and a smart tuxedo completes the feeling of a stylish, elegant evening and takes me on to a “Givenchy Gentleman” kind of night.

Photos by Victoria Metaxas


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